Wella Welloxon Perfect Cream Developer 40 Volume, 1L

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Welloxon Developers are the ideal partner for Wella Permanent Colors and Lighteners.
Available in different volume for all the services possibilities (1.9%, 4%, 6%, 9% and 12%) Specifically reformulated to achieve the most accurate colour.

  • Optimal consistency with new Koleston Perfect
  • Easier and faster mixing
  • Precise application
  • Great foil adhesion
  • Easy rinsing
  • A comfortable client experience

How to use: 

  1. MIXING RECOMMENDATION: Combine with Welloxon Perfect for outstanding, high-density results. Koleston Perfect Base & Welloxon Perfect (1:1). Special Blonde shades ratio (1:2).
  2. MIXING RATIO: 3 levels of lift: 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 12%. 2 levels of lift: 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 9%. 1 level of lift/Coverage of gray/white same depth or darker: 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 6%. Special Blonde: 1 part Koleston Perfect, 2 parts Welloxon Perfect 9% or 12%
  3. APPLICATION PERFECT FOR ALL COLOURING TECHNIQUES: Full-head color, first-time application: dampen hair. Distribute the color from roots to ends and comb through.
  4. DEVELOPMENT TIME: HEAT: 30-40 min / + HEAT: 15-25 min.
  5. LIGHTENING: Full-head, first-time application: Mid-lengths and ends: Comb through on mid-lengths and ends. Development time: HEAT: 20 min / + HEAT: 20 min. Root area: Apply color to the roots. Development time:- HEAT: 30-40 min /+ HEAT: 15-25
    SKU: WEKPD40V1L ISBN: 3614226758996
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