Wella Service Stain Remover, 150mL

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Wella Stain Remover does away with semi, demi and permanent hair color stains. Wella's Color Stain Remover is ideal for use straight after a color service to remove excess color from skin. It's designed to work on semi-permanent, oxy semi-permanent and permanent hair colour, helping to remove it safely and effectively.

  • Removes semi, demi and permanent hair color stains
  • New pre and post treatment with gentle, skin protecting formulas for color and perm specialist care.

How to use: 

  1. If color absorption has occurred to skin, apply from cotton on affected areas.
  2.  Can be used also directly after color application to remove color excess from skin
  3. Do not spray/apply directly on skin
  4. Wear suitable gloves
  5. Avoid contact with eyes and irritated skin
  6. In case of contact, rinse immediately with water.
  7. Cosmetics and other hair products left on the skin may effect the application and the end result of the product. Therefore, it is recommended that these products be removed from the skin beforehand.
  8. Product is not suited for removing hair color from hair.
  9. Not suitable for removing stains from clothes.
  10. Avoid harsh rubbing.
  11. After usage, the treated skin are and the hands should be rinsed with water.
  12. Keep out of reach of children
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