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Paul Mitchell Color XG Coversmart 88NN, 90mL

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Introducing Color XG Coversmart vegan permanent hair colour. This dedicated grey coverage series features 10 new shades that provide 100% durable coverage on grey, white and resistant hair, for natural looking results that fade on tone.


  • 10 new 100% vegan intermixable shades
  • High-quality European formula
  • Opaque, highly pigmented shades
  • Soothing ingredients, such as cottonseed oil and rice milk, for shinier, healthier hair
  • DYESMART® System that ensures maximum colour penetration, deposit of colour and greater longevity
  • Gorgeous, natural-looking results that fade on tone.

How to use:

  1. Mixing Ratio: 1:1. Mix 1 part CoverSmart + 20 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer.
  2. Generally, use CoverSmart as a stand-alone shade. If a specific, customized color is desired (such as a violet), follow the Color XG® CoverSmart intermixing guidelines, depending on the percentage of gray you are working with.
  3. Processing Time: 35 minutes without heat. For very coarse, resistant white hair, you may process for 45 minutes for additional coverage.
SKU: PMC88NNXG ISBN: 009531132242
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