Oligo Calura Blonding Cream (BC), 60g

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Blonding Cream offers increased lifting power and produces brighter and purer blondes.


  • Provides up to one level of lift on natural hair, when intermixed with shades level 6 to 12
  • Intermix with all shade levels 6 to 12 to boost lifting and produce the brightest and purest blondes
  • Anti-breakage and hair strengthening properties

    How to use:

    1. Apply with fine sections
    2. Gentle pressure when applying
    3. Saturate the hair with colour
    4. Timely application -- Improper application could lead to an undesirable result
    5. Must mix fresh colour for mid-lengths and ends when colour balancing
    6. For coarse or resistant hair types, re-apply where needed
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