Oligo FunkHue Semi Permanent Hair Color - Steel 100mL

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Oligo FunkHue Semi Permanent Hair Color define Funky: fashionable in an unusual and noticeable way. Define Hue: a degree of lightness, darkness or strength of a colour. Combine them to get a fun and fierce line of semi-permanent hair colour!


  • Funkhue's uses exclusive technology that prevents excessive bleeding staining and fading
  • No developer required Intermixable shades = endless creative possibilities
  • Vibrant results up to 12 shampoos

How to Use:

  • Pre-wash and towel dry the hair
  • Divide the hair into sections for overview
  • Deposit the product on the hair with a brush or application bottle
  • Use the tail of the comb only to divide the sections
  • Emulsify or distribute evenly with a wide toothed comb
SKU: OLIFH007 ISBN: 1828100877
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