L'ANZA Healing Color Clay Decolorizer, 450g

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L'ANZA Professional Healing Color Clay Decolorizer provides controlled lift for ultimate precision & creative freedom! Clay Decolorizer perfects your balayage & freehand techniques with 7 levels of controlled lift. The moisture-rich clay mixes into a creamy consistency for easy spreadability. Stays put exactly where you want it for ultimate control & artistic freedom.


  • Up to 7 levels of lift to be used for freehand techniques.
  • Kaolin Clay activates the powder into a spreadable clay that stays moist & in place as it lightens. No dripping, bleeding or swelling.
  • Smooth, creamy consistency with moisturizing Kaolin Clay restores vital moisture to heal the hair with maximum integrity.
  • A special combination of botanically derived ingredients full of Vitamin C (Guava Fruit & Grapefruit Extract) helps accelerate the lightening process, resulting in less damage while leaving hair healthy & shiny.
  • Arginine: A powerful Amino Acid that strengthens & protects the hair during lifting process.
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