L'ANZA LIQUIDS Demi Gloss 09BN Light Beige Blonde Natural, 90mL

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Get outstanding demi permanent color, shine & conditioner in one quick easy service. Limitless options are yours with 26 inter-mixable shades that can be effortlessly applied using an applicator bottle or bowl & brush. LIQUIDS can be used alone or intermixed with other LIQUIDS Demi Gloss Colors. Outstanding color, shine, and condition in under 20 minutes!

Endless service options are yours. Explore all the amazing ways to use L’ANZA LIQUIDS!


  • No-lift, ammonia-free formula – won’t lift natural or previously colored pigment
  • pH balanced and gentle processing; no swelling or cuticle damage
  • Gradually fades on tone, lasts up to 24 shampoos
  • Long lasting dyes – for vibrant colors that fade and won’t stain the scalp
  • Lumiplex C, a blend of Vitamin C and antioxidants, adds shine and moisture to hair
  • Flower Shield Complex® prevent color fading
  • Fast, easy color service – up to 20-minute processing time

How to Use:

  1. Gloss: Enhance tonality on color-treated hair or magnify natural color. Also recommended for use after a decolorizing service to tone down unwanted worm or add an exciting pop of color
  2. Color Refresh: Revive faded color from mid-shaft through the ends when coloring with permanent color at the new growth. Enhance highlights and re-deposit color to newly texturized hair.
  3. Color Correction: Use LIQUIDS to fill when correcting color, repairing uneven color or to over-correct when colors are too vibrant
  4. Dimensional Low-lighting: Add darker shades to overly highlighted/lightened hair to add depth and contrast
  5. Gray Blending: Apply to gray hair to achieve a gray-blending effect for clients who aren't willing to commit to permanent color - especially great for a man's gray blending service, as the color will fade on tone with no line of demarcation
  6. Shine Service: Add shine and improve condition to all types of hair
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