L'ANZA Healing Blonde Boost Pre-Treatment, 200mL

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Keep blondes healthy, vibrant, and downright dazzling with Healing Blonde! Whether it’s warm golden honey or cool pale platinum, your blonde always deserves to sparkle. Healing Blonde is especially formulated to ban brassiness & helps prevent hair from breakage. Vita C-Plex Plus brightens hair & adds illuminating shine while Cystine protects & strengthens.


  • This professional pre-treatment spray protects hair from damage & breakage caused by bleaching agents.
  • Contains patented technology that maximizes decolorizer lift
  • Transforms even the most damaged tresses

How to use:

  1. Spray Blonde Boost Pre-Treatment evenly onto the hair before decolorizing for the brightest, healthiest blondes.
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