WetBrush Epic Carbonite Metal Tail Comb

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The Wet Brush Epic Carbonite Tail Comb is an ultra-light and heat-resistant styling tool, perfect for hairstyling professionals during the cutting or styling processes. This lightweight carbon comb is super strong and has anti-static properties to eliminate frizz and reduce flyaways during the heat styling process for smoother hair. The rounded teeth on this wet brush comb are designed to provide less friction and damage to the hair cuticle when styling and the comb is more gentle on the scalp than a regular comb.

  • Ultra-light, heat-resistant professional comb
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaways
  • Provides less friction and damage to hair
  • Gentle on the scalp
  • Can be used for cutting or styling
  • Heat-resistant, allows this comb to be used in conjunction with hot styling tools
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