Iso Option Perm 3

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ISO Option Perm 3 is a patented, thio-free formula utilizes Isoamine, a naturally derived waving agent. Isoamine penetrates more deeply and evenly into the hair than conventional waving agents without aggressively lifting the cuticle. Since the internal structure and integrity of the hair is not disrupted, there is no need for conditioning additives that can hinder the perming process. The result is resilient curls and healthy hair.


  • Designed for normal to resistant hair, Option 3 produces big, expansive curls while retaining the hair's natural beauty and shine. Ideal for dramatic and high fashion styling.
  • For Extra-Firm Curl on Normal to Resistant Hair Normal to Coarse Texture Tinted hair in good condition (20 volume or less) Resistant or Gray hair Long, thick hair.
  • Can be self-timed or variable timed.
  • Added pre wrap
  • No Heat Required.
SKU: IPOP3 ISBN: 074469485050
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