Elchim Nature's Touch Flat Iron

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Elchim’s Natures Touch flat iron is a modern styler developed and manufactured in Italy to be everything you’ve ever wanted but never had. Since every type of hair has an ideal temperature for styling without suffering heat damage, our straightener offers 11 temperature settings ranging from 203 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit. High & Instant Temperature technology delivers constant, immediate heat in just 20 seconds, stopping you from standing around and waiting on your iron to finally heat up. An LED display makes all settings easy to read.

Floating ceramic and titanium oxide plates self-adapt to each stand and remain parallel to each other in order to produce uniform heat that leaves hair sleek and smooth. Moreover Ergonomic and lightweight, this salon worthy iron puts less strain on your wrists for more comfortable use, especially for ladies with longer hair. A rounded design helps prevent painful and frustrating tangling as you straighten your hair or add some gorgeous curl.

Natures Touch brings a new style made of natural looks, sinuous hair waves, delicate curls and soft smooth hair that has never been seen before. The Italian styler that respects the natural beauty of hair. The ideal temperature for every type of hair: with its 11 settings, from 203°F to 455°F (95°C to 235°C), Natures Touch covers any possible need, guaranteeing the right treatment to every existing type of hair; this way you don’t need to pass the styler many times and you avoid putting stress on the hair cuticles.

Why People Love it:

  • Best for medium and thin hair
  • Dry and style saving 30% time


  • Extremely versatile and in one pass you can easily get your desired style: Straight hair or even soft locks and sexy beach waves
  • 11 heat settings from 203°F to 455°F (95°C to 235°C) with led display
  • Settings specifically engineered to use the styler even very frequently
  • Perfect hair in one pass
  • Ceramic & titanium plates
  • Floating plates to create waves and soft locks
  • Plates surfaces perfectly parallel
  • Hit®(high & instant temperature) technology ensuring immediate and constant heat;
  • Automatic shut-off if styler is not used for 50 minutes
  • Equipped with a heat protective cap and professional 360-degree cords for complete freedom of movement.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Anti-tangles design
  • Universal voltage 110V-240V for worldwide use
  • Professional 360° cords for maximum freedom in movements
  • Equipped with heat protective cap
  • Made in Italy: it is the first new generation styler developed and manufactured in Italy
  • 110-240 Volt | 27 oz | 9 ft Cord
    SKU: ELNSTYLER ISBN: 836793002019
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