About Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure

Schwarzkopf BC BONACURE®

Targeted Haircare. Inspired by Skincare.

BC BONACURE® Peptide Repair Rescue

For damaged, distressed hair

BC BONACURE® Peptide Repair Rescue, we can help repair hair damage in just one application. The potent formulas with Peptides nourish, restructure and repair hair from the inside out. Helps to replenish the inner structure with renewed elasticity, resurfacing cuticles for remarkably healthy-looking hair with a soft silky feeling.

Shampoo Conditioner Treatment

BC BONACURE® pH 4.5 Color Freeze

Our first color-locking hair therapy

pH 4.5 Balancer Technology not only seals the surface of colored hair like conventional color care does but most importantly, it freezes the color pigments deep inside the hair matrix for optimal color.

Shampoo Conditioner Treatment

BC BONACURE® Hyaluronic Moisture Kick

For normal to dry, wavy, or curly hair

BC BONACURE® Hyaluronic Moisture Kick rebalances and delivers optimum levels of moisture to even the driest hair, improving strength increasing shine, and eliminating static. For supple, shiny, and moisturized hair, full of elasticity and bounce.


Shampoo Conditioner Treatment

BC BONACURE® Q10+ Time Restore

For fine, coarse, or white mature hair

Every hair is made of up to 95% keratin and every year our production of keratins diminishes. As we age, hair can become weak, limp, brittle, or dry. This is why mature hair needs specific care. Add white hair, which needs even more moisture, into the equation and you need something really special. BC BONACURE® Q10+ Time Restore provides strength, elasticity, hydration, and protection against thinning. It reactivates keratin production, resulting in the hair looking fuller, softer, and shinier.