About Clairol Basic White

Clairol Basic White

Clairol Professional Basic White and BW2 are extra strength lightening powders that give you complete creative control over the lightening process and are perfect for many off-scalp lightening techniques, such as creating lustrous highlights. Basic White provides balanced lightening for highlights while BW2's formula is dedusted to minimize powder fly-away. Blonde is a timeless trend, something that can be effortlessly achieved with Basic White and BW2's creamy and easy-to-handle formulas.

Quick, reliable results?

Clairol Professional Basic White and BW2 Powder Lighteners are user-friendly and provide balanced lightening for quick, reliable results.

Your perfect lightening partner

Basic White's extra strength formula and BW2's extra strength dedusted formula for minimized powder fly-away are perfect for a full range of off-scalp lightening treatments?.

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